Software developer with a mission

Arafat Mollik is an innovative software developer with an ambitious goal. He is Regtech’s youngest recruit, who is living life to the fullest while simultaneously creating change in the world through data. At Regtech, he is using his talent to create efficient digital solutions for the banking sector. A good work-life balance allows him to both grow professionally and pursue his other interests, such as travelling and photography.

Fascinated by puzzle solving and computer games, such as Tekken and Super Mario, Arafat understood early on that his path would not follow the route taken by his business-minded family in Bangladesh. His first experiences from coding and programming gave him a true feeling of euphoria.

“Programming, gaming and our personal lives all have something in common – you’re always doing some sort of problem solving. When playing, you try to find ways to fight the bad guys, and when programming, you try to find ways to create functionalities that solve a specific problem”, he explains.

Creating change

Arafat’s work as a software developer at Regtech allows him to pursue his biggest passion – which is to create change through coding and programming – and to grow professionally while working for one customer, Svea Bank.

“We are a fast-growing company and being owned by Svea gives us security. I believe that if Regtech keeps growing enough, there is a true chance that we can make a significant impact within the banking sector. Creating change in this world is my biggest dream professionally, whatever the field I’m working on”, he says.

Please do disturb

Arafat’s main motivation for working at Regtech’s stems from the work culture and teamwork. He enjoys the many recreational and social activities spent with his colleagues after work as well as the way they communicate and support each other professionally. Despite the possibility to work remotely, he spends almost all his working hours at the office in Vaasa.


“In every project, I always cooperate with at least one of my colleagues. Shared responsibility is more efficient and reduces the pressure compared to working alone. Also, the way we talk and openly communicate with each other is a very important learning experience for me. I have a sign on my desk with the words Please DO disturb”, says Arafat smiling.

Flexibility teaches responsibility

All the employees at Regtech have their own specific tasks and the teams they are in normally focus on one project at a time.

“Here, I get to concentrate on what I do best. It’s very different from working as a software consultant in a third-party company with many similar projects and customer contacts. I did that after graduation, but the hectic work environment didn’t leave room for personal growth. It’s great that Regtech has a stress-free work environment and full flexibility, which also teaches us responsibility.”

Eye for equality and beauty

In his work, Arafat also uses his other special talent, his visual eye, to develop user-friendly interfaces through front-end design. Back in Bangladesh, Arafat used this talent for making videos to raise awareness about harsh social and environmental problems, but lately, filming has become more of a spare-time hobby. Now, Arafat makes travel vlogs to share the uniqueness of each country and city he visits.

“It’s refreshing to travel and discover the beauty in different cultures and countries. I believe that people are prone to changing their beliefs, and it’s possible to encourage that change through video.”

Happiness and work-life balance

But how did Arafat end up at Regtech in Vaasa, Finland? Work abroad is a dream come true for many young people with his background, but Arafat’s choice of country was not the most typical. However, it turned out to be the perfect match to his life goals.

“My uncle, who lives in the city of Pietarsaari, told me that Finland is one of the safest places to live where people have a very good work-life balance. Along with the fact that Finns are also claimed to be the happiest people on earth, I was fascinated by the lifestyle in Finland.”

With that knowledge, Arafat decided to seek education in the University of Applied Sciences in Vaasa to follow his passion and become a software developer. During his studies and social activities, Arafat developed an emotional bond towards Vaasa. He also feels that Vaasa is one of the few cities in Finland where diversity can truly be seen. This bond is the reason why he was drawn back to Vaasa in spring 2022, one year after graduating and moving to Helsinki.

“In Helsinki, I soon started to look for ways to return to Vaasa with a good job. I found many opportunities, and Regtech was the best alternative for me.”

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